Dr Katie Holliman


GP and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician


"I have always believed in the principles of making positive lifestyle changes to treat illness, help prevent disease in later life and improve quality of life and wellbeing.  I have used these methods throughout my medical career, and am passionate about getting to the root causes of problems and treating patients in a holistic manner.  I was so pleased when Lifestyle Medicine emerged as a specialty, and it's fantastic to have the backing of solid medical research behind the lifestyle advice we promote. 


As a mother of two young children I am very familiar with the challenges in balancing different aspects of working and family life with staying happy and healthy.  I use yoga as my mindfulness time so have done a lot of this in this very challenging last year!"


Dr Kate Holliman is a GP in Swansea, South Wales, with over 18 years experience as a medical doctor.  She qualified as a Lifestyle Medicine physician in 2020.  She has worked in a variety of practice settings and enjoys helping people from all walks of life.  As well as Lifestyle Medicine she has an interest in mental health and women’s health.  

Dr Kate is involved with medical education and has delivered Lifestyle Medicine teaching sessions at Swansea University and mental health teaching with GP trainees.

When she is not working, Kate is busy spending time with her family, ideally outdoors.  She is a keen cyclist and sea swimmer and has completed a number of triathlons and marathons. She is a passionate yogi and aspires to complete yoga teacher training this year.

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