Dr Lana Karpova

Endocrinologist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

My way to Lifestyle Medicine practice was through my own life experiences.  After many years of hard and stressful work, combined with moving to a new country to pursue a new career, along with my then 12 year old son, all caught up with me.  Causing me a few years ago to experience some health problems of my own.  Lifestyle Medicine has not only enabled me to reverse chronic disease, but it has empowered me to change my life completely in creating a healthier environment for me and my family.  I truly believe that I have discovered a new passion. 

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence based practice to help patients engage in a beneficial, healthy life.  This new practice proves to and assures our patients that chronic diseases are not a part of a normal aging process.  The human body has remarkable resources for recovery.  Even a severe chronic disease like diabetes could be reversed and prevented by Lifestyle changes. 

Lifestyle Medicine interventions often are not easy to implement.  It is hard work to change lifelong habits, behaviours and diet, but not impossible. Therefore, one must focus on the end goal and the long term benefits.  I celebrate the positive results and the fruits of our labour together with my patients!

Dr Lana Karpova is a UK- based health practitioner, medical doctor and a specialist in endocrinology, with over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice.  Dr Karpova is an international expert in preventive medicine, hormone imbalance, anti-aging and Lifestyle Medicine. 

She took a break from clinical practice to pursue a career in the medical science, pharmaceutical and medical device industry.  She has devoted more than 15 years in the development and implementation of medical innovations such as high-tech surgical technologies, medication and methods of diagnostics for the management of diabetes.  

She has held a deep interest in leveraging her medical and scientific background with her business skills and management qualifications to pursue a career as a health coach.  

In her Lifestyle Medicine coaching practice, Dr Karpova is working together with her clients to not only identify their health issues, but to determine the root cause of their health issues.  Dr Karpova works with advance clinical laboratories to test hormone balance, genes and body compositions.  When required, she works closely with a team of clinicians to address these health issues to improve the lifestyle, health and the overall wellbeing of her clients.

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