Dr Sunil Kumar

MBBS MRCA(London) FCAI(Dublin)
Member ISLM(India)
CHIP Facilitator

Anaesthetist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician


I will take a holistic approach to your care, incorporating your values, mindset and social context to develop a unique plan tailored to you. This will include nutrition choices, physical activity, environment and sleep patterns to encourage wellness, which will ultimately benefit you to lead to a healthier life.

I have adopted a healthy lifestyle myself for the last three years, which has given me immense benefit. I have used the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to improve my metabolic health in a sustainable way. I have also used this knowledge to mentor many family and friends to lose weight in a healthy way.  This has helped them to reverse, arrest the progression and to control lifestyle-related chronic diseases, in a healthy and sustainable way and to lead a healthier life.


Dr Sunil Kumar is a UK-based Anaesthetist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician with over 24 years’ experience as a medical doctor. He is passionate about Lifestyle Medicine and keen to empower and educate as many as possible to live long and healthy lives by leveraging simple lifestyle changes.


Dr Sunil has a wealth of experience in Anaesthetics & Intensive Care, and in the education of other doctors, students and healthcare professionals. He is currently working as an Anaesthetist in the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and a Learning Academy Associate and Tutor for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition he is an advanced dental sedationist with vast experience in sedation.


When he is not working, Sunil is busy spending time with his family, ideally outdoors.  He is a keen walker.

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