Sunil, Thank you for your sharing your expertise and experience in helping us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is a privilege to Learn and do things the scientific way. Your coaching method is clear, easy to comprehend, practical, effective and feasible unlike many other over ambitious strategies. Thanks for your time and patience 🙏

Lifestyle medicine client, Dr Sunil, June 2021

Every session I have had, I’ve learned something that I use everyday in my life since

Coaching client of Dr C Gibson, Nov 2021

Coaching helps me have more awareness of the issues that I am dealing with, and helps me with setting goals to actively start working on these points.

Mrs A, 37, Coaching client of Dr C Gibson, Oct 2021

For as long as I remember I have been consciously  trying to live a healthy lifestyle and followed a fairly decent schedule for physical fitness and nutrition, for me and my family.  I’m not someone who falls for fad diets and quick fixes especially for anything concerning health. Now enter Sunil… With a wealth of knowledge and experience,  with excellent inputs about nutrition, metabolism, physical activity etc.. you helped me tweek around some habits and become consistent with all good practices.  In just a few months I am at my dream weight, feel energetic all day and at my fittest best I’ve been in years

Lifestyle medicine coaching client of Dr Sunil, 2021

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